East   -   Fri, Aug 18, 2017
5003:00 PM3:20 PMIntermediatePractice Ice
5013:20 PM3:40 PMHighPractice Ice
5023:40 PM4:00 PMJuniorPractice Ice
4:00 PM4:15 PMIce Resurface
14:15 PM6:00 PMIntermediateShort Program (IJS)Ladies
6:00 PM6:15 PMIce Resurface
26:15 PM7:00 PMJuniorShort Program (IJS)Ladies

East   -   Sat, Aug 19, 2017
5037:00 AM7:20 AMLowPractice Ice
5047:20 AM7:40 AMLowPractice Ice
5057:40 AM8:00 AMLowPractice Ice
5068:00 AM8:20 AMnovicePractice Ice
5078:20 AM8:45 AMnovicePractice Ice
8:45 AM9:00 AMIce Resurface
39:00 AM9:20 AMNoviceShort Program (IJS)Men
49:20 AM9:40 AMIntermediateShort Program (IJS)Men
59:40 AM9:55 AMPre-JuvenileFree Skate - Pre-Juv or Adult Silver (IJS)Boys
69:55 AM11:00 AMPre-JuvenileFree Skate - Pre-Juv or Adult Silver (IJS)Girls
711:00 AM11:20 AMAdult SilverFree Skate - Pre-Juv or Adult Silver (IJS)Men
811:00 AM11:20 AMAdult GoldFree Skate (IJS)Ladies
911:20 AM11:35 AMAdult BronzeFree Skate (6.0)Ladies
1011:20 AM11:35 AMAdult BronzeFree Skate (6.0)Men
11:35 AM11:50 AMIce Resurface
1111:50 AM1:20 PMJuvenileFree Skate (IJS)AGirls
121:20 PM2:50 PMJuvenileFree Skate (IJS)BGirls
132:50 PM3:10 PMJuvenileFree Skate (IJS)Boys
142:50 PM3:10 PMOpen JuvenileFree Skate (IJS)Girls
3:10 PM3:25 PMIce Resurface
153:25 PM5:10 PMIntermediateFree Skate (IJS)Ladies
5:10 PM5:25 PMIce Resurface
165:25 PM5:50 PMSeniorShort Program (IJS)Ladies
175:50 PM6:35 PMNoviceShort Program (IJS)Ladies
6:35 PM6:50 PMIce Resurface
186:50 PM7:50 PMJuniorFree Skate (IJS)

East   -   Sun, Aug 20, 2017
5088:00 AM8:20 AMIntermediatePractice Ice
5098:20 AM8:45 AMNov/Jr/SrPractice Ice
8:45 AM9:00 AMIce Resurface
199:00 AM9:20 AMNoviceFree Skate (IJS)Men
209:20 AM9:45 AMIntermediateFree Skate (IJS)Men
9:45 AM10:50 AMFree Skate - Juvenile Girls Final Round
10:50 AM11:05 AMIce Resurface
2211:05 AM11:55 AMNoviceFree Skate (IJS)Ladies
11:55 AM12:10 PMIce Resurface
2312:10 PM1:00 PMSeniorFree Skate (IJS)Ladies

West   -   Sat, Aug 19, 2017
6006:30 AM6:55 AMJuvenilePractice Ice
6016:55 AM7:20 AMJuvenilePractice Ice
6027:20 AM7:45 AMJuvenilePractice Ice
7:45 AM8:00 AMIce Resurface
1018:00 AM8:15 AMNo TestFree Skate (6.0)AMixed
1028:15 AM8:30 AMNo TestFree Skate (6.0)BMixed
1038:30 AM8:45 AMNo TestFree Skate (6.0)CMixed
1048:45 AM9:00 AMPre-PreliminaryFree Skate (6.0)AGirls
1059:00 AM9:15 AMPre-PreliminaryFree Skate (6.0)BGirls
1069:15 AM9:30 AMPre-PreliminaryFree Skate (6.0)CGirls
1079:30 AM9:45 AMPre-PreliminaryFree Skate (6.0)DGirls
1089:45 AM10:05 AMPreliminaryFree Skate (6.0)AGirls
10910:05 AM10:25 AMPreliminaryFree Skate (6.0)BGirls
11010:25 AM10:45 AMPreliminaryFree Skate (6.0)CGirls
11110:45 AM11:05 AMPreliminaryFree Skate (6.0)DGirls
11211:05 AM11:15 AMPreliminaryFree Skate (6.0)Boys
11:15 AM11:30 AMIce Resurface
11311:30 AM11:45 AMHigh BeginnerFree Skate (6.0)Mixed
11411:30 AM11:45 AMBeginnerFree Skate (6.0)Girls
11511:45 AM12:05 PMPre-Juvenile Test TrackFree Skate (6.0)Girls
11612:05 PM12:15 PMNo TestCompulsory MovesGirls
11712:15 PM12:30 PMPreliminaryCompulsory MovesGirls
11812:15 PM12:30 PMPre-JuvenileCompulsory MovesGirls
11912:15 PM12:30 PMJuvenile/Open JuvenileCompulsory MovesGirls
60312:30 PM12:50 PMIntermediatePractice Ice
60412:50 PM1:10 PMNov/Jr/SrPractice Ice
6051:10 PM1:30 PMNov/Jr/SrPractice Ice
1:30 PM1:45 PMIce Resurface

The schedule is subject to change.  Please check the time of your events when you arrive at the rink.

We regret that we cannot be liable for travel, lodging, or other costs incurred based on the tentative schedule.

Starting orders will be posted at the rink on the first day of competition.  Please note that posted warm-up groups may be changed if there are scratches and there is enough time to alert the skaters.  Changes to warm-up groups will be indicated on the starting orders.

Peter Tsai,
Aug 15, 2017, 1:45 PM
Peter Tsai,
Aug 15, 2017, 1:45 PM