Q. Can I enter both Juvenile FS and Intermediate SP?

A. Yes!

Q.  May I skate up a level past my current test level?

A. Yes!

Q.  May I enter FS events at more than one level (e.g., Juvenile FS and Intermediate SP and FS)?

  No, we only permit one FS entry per skater.

Q.  Where do I enter my planned program content?

A.  Please enter your planned program content from the Entryeeze website by the listed deadline!  Planned program content can also be entered at the Members Only page at www.USFSA.org, but we prefer that you enter it through Entryeeze.  After the deadline, the accountants will no longer access entered planned program content, so please be sure to enter it on time!

Q. Are critiques available?

A. We hope to once again offer critiques for both short and long programs at the 2013 competition for IJS events.  No critiques for 6.0 events or final rounds.  Please keep in mind that our first priority is holding events, so if the Technical Controller for your event is unavailable for a critique due to being scheduled on an event, your critique may not happen.

Q. I heard great things about the mock trial judging session! Are you doing it again?

A.  Participants in our mock trial judging session -- IJS-level skaters, coaches, parents, and others -- learned a lot and had a great time.  Some have already started to learn about becoming a trial judge!  If time permits, we will repeat the mock trial judging session at the 2013 Potomac Open.