Mock Trial Judging

Due to the increase in size of this competition and limited number of officials, Mock Trial Judging will not be held at this competition this year.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a judge?
Interested in becoming a judge one day?
Do you want to be one for a day?

Join us to mock judge an event with a real official on XXXX for the Intermediate Ladies Freeskate A event.  We will judge a few skaters from one warm up group together followed by a brief discussion and Q&A session. Please attend a pre-event meeting at 8:50 am.


 WHAT:  Mock judge the Intermediate Ladies FS A event


WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: How judges determine GOEs and Component Scores


WHO CAN PARTICIPATE:  Novice level skaters and up, Adult Skaters, Skating Parents, and Prospective Trial Judges


WHERE TO MEET: Registration Desk


WHERE TO SIGN UP: Registration Desk