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2016 Potomac Open

Hosted by the

Washington Figure Skating Club

August 19-21, 2016 (Friday PM through Sunday)


LOCATION:         Ashburn Ice House  (Location for the 2017 SA Regionals)

                               21595 Smiths Switch Road

                               Ashburn, VA  20147





SANCTION:              Sanctioned by United States Figure Skating

CHAIRPERSON:          Peter Tsai,  Sandy McDonnell                                      

CHIEF REFEREE:         Heather Nemier

CHIEF ACCOUNTANT:      Jennifer Lyon


The 2016 Potomac Open will be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of U.S. Figure Skating as set forth in the 2016 Rulebook, including new or amended provisions passed at the 2016 Governing Council and or posted on the U.S. Figure Skating website.

This competition is open to all eligible, restricted, reinstated or readmitted persons as defined by the Eligibility Rules, and is a currently registered member of a U.S. Figure Skating member club, a collegiate club or an individual member in accordance with the current rulebook.  Please refer to the current rulebook for non-U.S. citizens.


Test Level:  Competition level is the highest test passed as of the entry deadline in the discipline the skater is entering.  Entrants may skate one level above that for which they qualify, but they may not skate down in any event. Skaters may only enter one level for each type of event. Skaters who placed in the top four in a final round of their last qualifying competition in their divisions must move up one level, except for novice and higher.

Age Requirements:  Skaters entering juvenile free skating events (IJS) must be under 14 years of age at the close of entries.  Skaters entering open juvenile free skating events (IJS), must be at least 14 years of age at the close of entries.

Skaters entering beginner -- pre-juvenile events will be divided as closely as possible by age should the number of entries warrant more than one group.

ENTRIES:    Entry to the competition is made online through Entryeeze.  Please go to to sign up.

Entries will close at 11:59 PM EDT July 31, 2016.

The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) may limit entries at each level.  Entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the LOC, and will require an additional late entry fee of $40.

A note about your Entryeeze registration: Entryeeze does not verify U.S. Figure Skating registration numbers. If you mis-type your U.S. Figure Skating number, Entryeeze will not flag it for you. However, if you try to log in later with your correct U.S. Figure Skating number, it will not work. Please take care to enter your number properly. If you have difficulty logging in, please email

In addition, if you choose to use a PIN number from a previous competition, please note that any erroneous or outdated information will be carried over. Please double-check your information before moving to the next screen.

FEES: $150 for the first IJS event entered. If any IJS event is entered, that will be considered the first event.

$100 for the first 6.0 Singles, Compulsory Moves, or Test Track event entered, unless an IJS event has also been entered.

$75 for each additional event entered at any level, whether the first event is IJS or 6.0 (including Test Track).

REFUNDS:   Entry fees will not be refunded after July 31, 2016 unless no competition exists or if the event is cancelled by the LOC.  There will be no refunds for medical withdrawals.  The online processing fees are not refundable.

Checks returned for insufficient funds and/or contested credit card charges will be assessed a $25.00 fee.  Payment of the fee will be required before the skater is allowed to participate in practice ice or events. Your entry reserves ice time and the LOC cannot return leased ice due to withdrawals after the deadline.

LIABILITY:            U.S. Figure Skating, Washington Figure Skating Club, and the LOC undertake no responsibility for damages or injuries suffered by the skaters or officials.  As a condition of and in consideration of the acceptance of their entries or participation therein, all entrants, their parents and guardians and officials shall be deemed to agree to assume all risks of injury to their person and property resulting from, caused by, or connected with, the conduct and management of the competition, and to waive and release any and all claims which they may have against any officials, U.S. Figure Skating, Washington Figure Skating Club, and against its officers, and their entries shall be accepted only on such condition.  


RINKS:  The competition will be held at the Ashburn Ice House, 21595 Smiths Switch Road, Ashburn, VA 20147; (703) 858-0300;  The Ashburn Ice House is a two-rink facility.  Both rinks are NHL (200’ x 85’). All rinks have rounded corners and hockey barriers. The temperature is cold during the summer months.



MUSIC:  Music should be turned into the registration desk upon arrival.  Music primarily will be played from CDs.  Only one track per CD. CDs with multiple tracks will NOT be accepted.  CD-RW should not be used.

Entryeeze is providing an option to upload your music so that the LOC can download your music before the competition.  This is a test.  Please upload your music but make sure that you bring your music on CD also in case this trial does not work smoothly.

CDs should be clearly marked with the skater’s name, event, and time. Duplicate copies must be readily available during the event.

LOC can also play music stored in a USB thumb drive.  Same rules respect to content, tracks and markings apply like with CDs.  LOC is trying to reduce the incidents of having to play from smart phones or MP3 players.

While all possible care will be taken, the LOC assumes no responsibility or liability due to lost, damaged or unclaimed music sources.  Any music not picked up by the end of the competition will be discarded.

Music may not be forwarded to final rounds. Skaters must re-register with their music for final rounds.

JUDGING SYSTEM:         The International Judging System (IJS) will be used on all Juvenile (including Open Juvenile) through Senior events as well as Adult Masters and Gold free skating events.  All competitors skating in these events must submit the planned program content form online.  This form is found in the Members Only section at  The deadline to submit the form is August 8, 2016.

The 6.0 judging system will be used for Pre-Juvenile and lower free skating events, all Test Track events, compulsory move events, and Adult Silver and lower events.

FINAL ROUNDS:  There will be final rounds for ALL Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior, and Senior events having 25 or more entries.  The number of skaters advancing will depend on the number of initial groups and available ice.  Short program and free skate are separate events.  There will be no final rounds for 6.0 events.

CRITIQUES:           Time permitting, there will be critiques for all initial round Short Program and Free Skating events for Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior, and Senior. Coaches and competitors are invited to attend. Critiques begin approximately 15 minutes after the conclusion of each event. Information on location and timing can be found at the registration desk.

Events take priority over critiques.  In the event that a technical controller must be scheduled on successive events and the critique will be scheduled at the soonest practical time.

REGISTRATION: A registration desk will be open beginning on Friday, August 19, 2016 approximately one hour prior to the start of events, and will remain open until the conclusion of the competition.

PRACTICE ICE:  Sign-up for practice ice will be available on-line at  The length and number of practice ice sessions will depend on the event schedule.

At the time of registration, each skater will be able to reserve and purchase one session per event entered at $15 per session, and will be able to select the date and time from the published practice ice schedule after the close of registration.  As soon as the events schedule is posted, you will receive an e-mail with the start date and time for reserved practice ice selection.  You will need your U.S. Figure Skating number and the PIN number you received during registration to access your account and make your selection.  Skaters who pre-purchase practice ice when they register will have the first opportunity to select the dates and times of their practice ice sessions.

Practice ice will also be available for purchase on-line after the schedule has been posted and after those who pre-registered for practice ice have had an opportunity to select their sessions, at $15 per session.  Additional practice ice may be available during the competition at $18 per session.  Cash or checks payable to “Washington Figure Skating Club” will be accepted at the Registration Desk for practice ice purchased at the competition.

The LOC will use its best efforts to reserve practice ice sessions for final rounds.

No program or any other music will be played during practice ice sessions.

VIDEO AND PHOTOGRAPHY:   A professional videographer and photographer will be available during the competition.  For the safety of the skaters, spectators will only be permitted to take photos and video for personal use and only of skaters to whom they are related or with whom they have a professional coaching relationship.  Photography and videography will only be permitted from the viewing stands. Tripods are not permitted.  No flash photography is permitted.

AWARDS:  Medals will be presented to all 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winners in each event with at least two competitors who skate their programs.

SCHEDULE:           As soon the events schedule is finalized, you will receive an e-mail with the start date and time to access your Entryeeze account on-line to see your individual schedule. You will need your U.S. Figure Skating number and your PIN number, which is issued to you when you register.  The schedule will be posted as soon as possible after the close of entries at  Please check for changes to the schedule periodically.  The LOC does not assume responsibility for changes in travel plans that may result from schedule changes. 

Once the competition begins, the on-line schedule may no longer be valid and skaters should  check for changes in events and times, which will be posted in the same area as the starting orders and results.  Skaters should check in with the ice monitor at their event between 30 and 60 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of their event.  Events may start either earlier or later than originally scheduled.

WITHDRAWALS: Withdrawals should be e-mailed to  Please be courteous to your fellow skaters and notify us of withdrawals in advance of the start of your event.  As noted herein, there are no refunds for withdrawals, as your entry reserves ice time.

PLANNED PROGRAM CONTENT:  Please enter your Planned Program Content information through the U.S. Figure Skating website: and go to Members Only, or through Entryeeze.  Deadline is August 8, 2016. Planned Program Content sheets are for IJS events only. 



U.S. Figure Skating Rule MR 5.11 – Coaches Registration:

In order to be granted access to work within U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned activities, each coach must complete the following requirements on an annual basis by July 1:

A.     Must be a current full member of U.S. Figure Skating – either through a member club or as an individual member

B.     Must complete the coach registration process through the U.S. Figure Skating Members Only site, submit proper payment for the annual registration fee of $30 and, if 18 years of age or older, successfully pass the background screen.

C.     Must complete the appropriate CER course (A, B, C or D) depending on the highest level of students being coached as of July 1.  See rule MR. 5.12.  Minimum level B for the Potomac Open.

D.    Must submit proof of current general liability insurance with limits of $1 million per occurrence/$5 million aggregate.

The local organizing committee will have a list of compliant coaches who are cleared for a credential at the Potomac Open.  Coaches will need to check in at the event registration desk and show a government issued photo I.D. to receive a credential.

If a coach cannot provide a photo I.D., is not on the approved list or cannot produce the necessary documents, he or she will not be allowed a credential – no exceptions.  We strongly urge all coaches to have their cards with them.  Non-credentialed coaches will not  be permitted in the designated coaching area at rink side during events including practice sessions.  Coaching at U.S. Figure Skating events without proper registration is an ethics violation which is reported to U.S. Figure Skating and PSA.

U.S. Figure Skating and the LOC appreciate the cooperation and understanding of all U.S. Figure Skating members to help implement minimum requirements to ensure that the environment in all U.S. Figure Skating programs is as safe as possible for all participants. This will help give parents the highest degree of confidence that their children are not only receiving good care and proper instruction but are safe from improper conduct. More information regarding coach compliance can be found at: 

Questions about coaches’ qualifications to participate at a competition should be directed to U.S. Figure Skating Members Services at 719-635-5200 or



Please see the U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook beginning at Rule 4000 for qualifications and program elements, unless otherwise specified.

Short Program and Free Skating are separate events – results will not be combined and awards will be given for each event.

Short Program – Men and Ladies


Max Time

Intermediate (IJS)


Novice (IJS)


Junior (IJS)


Senior (IJS)



Free Skating – Men/Boys and Ladies/Girls


Time +/- :10

(unless noted as maximum)

No Test

1:40 maximum


1:40 maximum





Open Juvenile (IJS)


Juvenile (IJS)


Intermediate (IJS)


Novice (IJS)

Men 3:30   Ladies  3:00

Junior (IJS)

Men  4:00   Ladies  3:30

Senior (IJS)

Men  4:30   Ladies  4:00


Adult Free Skating – Men and Ladies


Maximum time

Adult Pre-Bronze


Adult Bronze


Adult Silver


Adult Gold (IJS)


Adult Masters Int/Nov (IJS)


Adult Masters Jr/Sr (IJS)



Test Track 2015-16 (effective September 1, 2015)

Skaters may enter EITHER the test track free skate program OR the singles free skate program (IJS) (described above) but NOT both.  Competitors will skate to music of their choice.  Vocal music is permitted.  The 6.0 judging system will be used for all Test Track events.  Genders may be combined at all levels depending on the number of entries except for Novice, Junior, and Senior levels.

Deductions WILL be made for skaters including technical elements not permitted in the event description:

·         from EACH mark for each technical element included that is not permitted in the event description;

·         from the technical mark for each extra element; and

·         for any spin with fewer than required revolutions.

Please visit:,%20Beginner%20-%20Senior).pdf

for the jump elements, spins, steps, and qualifications at each level.  Events will be available in Beginner, High Beginner, Pre-preliminary test, Preliminary test, Pre-juvenile test, Juvenile test, Intermediate test, Novice test, Junior test, and Senior test levels.  All Test Track events will be held on Saturday and judged using the 6.0 judging system.


A presentation without music skated on ½ of the ice surface.  Connecting steps are permitted. Genders may be combined depending on the number of entries.

Maximum Free Skate Test Level (may skate up one level from test passed)

Elements skated in any order

Max Time


1.      Waltz jump

2.      1/2 jump of choice

3.      Forward two-foot or one-foot spin (min 3 revolutions)

4.      Forward or backward spiral


High Beginner

1.      Toe loop jump

2.      Salchow jump

3.      Forward scratch spin (min 3 revolutions)

4.      Forward or backward spiral


No Test

  1. Loop jump
  2. Jump combination that includes a toe loop (may not include loop jump or Axel)
  3. Solo spin – sit or camel spin (min 3 revolutions)
  4. Spiral sequence, must include a forward and backward spiral.  Additional spirals and balance moves may be included.



1.      Single toe loop jump

2.      Jump combination:  single/single (may include Axel)

3.      Sit spin or camel spin (min 3 revolutions)

4.      Spiral sequence with one forward and one backward spiral




1.      Single Lutz jump

2.      Jump combination:  single/single (may include Axel)

3.      Back upright spin (min 3 revolutions)

4.      Forward inside spiral



1.      Single jump (may include Axel)

2.      Jump combination:  single/single (may include Axel)

3.      Layback spin or Camel spin (min 3 revolutions)

4.      Step sequence: circular


Juvenile &     Open Juvenile

  1. Single Axel
  2. Jump combination:  single/single or double/single
  3. Layback spin or Camel spin (min 3 revolutions)
  4. Step sequence: circular




Pairs exhibitions will be available for $200 a pair. Critiques are subject to the availability of qualified pairs officials.

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